In good times, quality increases in value. In bad times, quality holds its value. It’s as simple as that. If you buy quality, you should certainly conserve your capital and are sure of an increased value over a period of time

AHOMEINSPAIN4U is an estate agency based in Quesada on the Costa Blanca in Spain. We will assist you during the purchasing process with co-operation from lawyers, Bank Managers and other professionals you may need for a smooth transaction to make your dream become reality.

Most of all, a totally relaxed personal service tailored to
your specific needs!

When you visit we will show you around the different areas and take you to view suitable properties in your price range.

Once you have chosen a property we will take you through the process of purchasing using English speaking Spanish solicitor who will ensure that the property in question is completely free of all debts and liabilities.

We can assist you in obtaining a mortgage should you wish.

We offer a personal after sales service such as registering with the local council, ensuring that services such as water and electricity are in your name, applying for telephone installation or connection and, where applicable, assisting with enrolment of children into school.

We also have various plots of land available in different locations which clients can have there own house built to there specification using their own or our in house builders.












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