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03313 Torremendo, Alicante, Spain
Triangle 1 Created with Sketch. For Sale Triangle 1 Created with Sketch. €1 PRICE ON REQUEST - Commercial, Villa
AHIS2510 OASIS 320 m2 4 Bedrooms 3 Bathrooms background Layer 1 13760 m2


This country Villa is located on the edge of Embalse la Pedrera, in between San Miguel de Salinas, Torremendo, and Vistabella, with Panoramic views of the gorgeous scenery. There’s 4 bedrooms,3 bathrooms, 2 toilets,2 lounges,a main living room, dining room and kitchen of 65m2, solarium and porch of 65m2 overlooking the orange groves.You also have a private 14.5 x 7 metre pool
This property is located in a wild and natural enviroment with a real sense of luxury,living in contact and harmony with nature with no limitations and restrictions coming from the community of owners, neighbourhoods or timetables.The current owner has been managing this fantastic property rented as a rural house, to host weddings, classes, events and much more so there is a lot of potential for many activities. You also have the popular multiadventure park ‘Lo Rufete’ just a few minutes drive away.

320m2 of bliss re-designed by a swiss team of designers-13.760 m2 surrounded by orchards and land 45 mins from Alicante airport, 30 mins from Murcia airport. -A stunning place where the notions of light, space, and peace appear in their full dimensions.-Directly next to la Pedrera reservoir, the property is surrounded by orange trees.-Large open spaces, and warm cosy rooms in which to spend great moments at any time of the day with family or friends.

For more info : www.theoasisproperty.com
Contact for price and more information: +34 673 418 295

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